Stop wasting time learning golf the old way.

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At Forged Golf and Fitness our experts combine golf instruction, fitness training and equipment fitting to create a custom program for you to play your best golf.

We work with all passionate golfers. If you are just starting out, making a comeback or playing competitively we can help you achieve your goals.

So, stop wasting time doing it the old way and schedule a FREE 30 min. consultation to see how we can unlock your full potential.


It’s Your Game

Do you want to get better at golf? Have you been frustrated with your progress or played in pain? We have a plan that can help you shoot lower scores and feel good doing it.

Check out our place

We have everything you need to train your swing and hone your body. We’d love to have you stop by, but until then, here are some pics.

Forged Together

Strength, flexibility and technique. That’s the key to a repeatable and efficient swing, but if you are working on them separately you are missing a big opportunity.