Development - A ukulele song

By the end of the round she had a good picture of the work it would take to become better and had strung together a few good shots that she could own. Not my accomplishments, but hers. This is the “magic”, I thought.

Practice like you play

Playing golf is different than practicing. On the range you are loose and swinging freely. On the range you usually have lower expectations and don’t always choose a target. You also hit one club repetitively. If you hit a bucket of balls with a 7 iron, you should be hitting it well. You put all of this together, however, and it doesn’t resemble the game of golf. You can certainly try to play like you practice, but I propose framing it a different way:

Games to help you find your game

Golf should be fun. When golf becomes a chore you need to mix it up and challenge your mind. Here are a few games to play on the course to expose your strengths and weaknesses, in the end you will have a better understanding of your game.