Andy Fish, PGA

PGA of America Member since 2004

B.S. Psychology from Carroll University

Worked as golf professional at:

Blue Mound Golf and Country Club, Bob O’Link Golf Club, Maple Bluff Country Club and Ozaukee Country Club

No one in Andy’s family played golf or even spoke of the sport, but, like many times in Andy’s life, he went against the grain and decided at age 6 that golf would be his true passion. After many years of obsessing over the nuances of the game and playing on high school and college teams, Andy took a break from golf to find a job. During his search for maturity, Andy met the love of his life, Laura. After a short dating period (7 years) they were married and looked forward to an incredible life together.

Just about this time, the movie Tin Cup was released and Andy was reminded about his old friend, the game of golf. You can imagine the delight Laura felt as she looked into a future of living in a trailer on a dusty driving range (“With Cheech”, she often adds). Well, it’s now 20 years later and Andy has has worked at many country clubs as a golf professional. Always sharing his knowledge of the game and the lessons he’s learned form coaching hundreds of golfers.

Andy’s new adventure is helping golfers achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible. His programs include swing instruction, equipment fitting, and on course strategy. With the help of the team at Pure Fitness, these programs also look at the golfer’s fitness. In his time between clients, Andy writes articles about learning golf and hosts a podcast called The Smash Factor Golf Show.


Mike Steinmetz

Mike “Batman” Steinmetz is a man of few words, but he expresses himself best through his program design and implementation and the resulting success that his clients experience. Throughout college Mike worked for several franchise gyms and realized that he needed to offer a higher standard to the community. That is where the vision started for Pure Fitness; a group of highly educated, extremely passionate individuals focused on improving the lives of others through health and wellness. Mike hates long walks on the beach, slow drivers and the word guac. He has been called an old soul on more than one occasion, but give him a piece of heavy machinery and he is a kid in a candy shop. He is extremely thankful that he gets to go to work everyday with his beautiful, blue-eyed wife and that she wrote this for him.

Credentials & Certifications

Master Degree in Rehabilitative Science & Muscle Physiology (2010)

Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology (2006)

TPI – Titleist Performance Institute – Golf Specific Strength & Conditioning (2016)

CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (2005)

USA Powerlifting Coaching Certification (2016)

Professional Accomplishments

Coached for Team USA at the Open World Championships in Halmstad, Sweden where the Women’s team took home 1st place … again (2018)

Coached for Team USA at the Open World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic where the Women’s team took home 1st place (2017)

Coached for Team USA at the Junior/Sub-Junior World Championships in Orlando, FL (2017)

Coached Team Pure Fitness to a 1st place finish at USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals (2016)

Coached for Team USA at the North American Powerlifting Championships (2016)

Coached Team Pure Fitness to a 2nd place finish at USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals (2015)

Designed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for male and female teams and athletes at both the high school and collegiate levels

Personal Accomplishments

4 Year Football Athlete at Concordia University – Wisconsin

National Powerlifting Champion & World Team Alternate (2006)